Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sale Away With Me

You may remember from last year's blog post that I love August because of the fabulous sales that happen across the retail spectrum.  August starts next week and it's sale time again!  Retailers are in the middle stage where we are not quite ready for fall (especially in NC where it is 90+ degrees) but it is too late for new summer arrivals.  We might as well make room for our new arrivals by clearing out what is left of summer.  You can find sales in almost every store and website but I have included just a few of my favorites including those items that actually still have sizes in stock.  Happy Sale Shopping!

J.Crew - Silk Frances Cami - $49.99 (was $88)

Available at Hadley Emerson - $102 (was $204)

Pierre Dumas Bounty - $19.99 (was $49)

Available at Hadley Emerson - $100 (was $168)

J.Crew Crystal Devote Necklace - $49.99 (was $150)

Available at Hadley Emerson - $105 (was $150)

Trina Turk Vintage-print String Bikini Top and Bottom - $59.99 each
(Previously posted in January for $79.99 each)

Available at Hadley Emerson - Top $65 (was $94), Jacket $61 (was $88)

J.Crew Wave Bodice Dress - $99.99 (was $128)

Trina Turk Violin Tank - $117.50 (was $148)

Available at Hadley Emerson - $184 (was $308)

Tory Burch Rattan Clutch - $192.50 (was $275)

Available at Hadley Emerson - $72 (was $120)

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Zippers are not purely functional anymore; today they are the main attraction.  Over the past few seasons, we have seen designers using zippers to add detail to otherwise plain garments.  Exposed zippers used to be paired with edgier styles to create a more industrial look but they are now popping up on florals and other girly fabrications.  We are finding zippers everywhere right now.  This is another trend that can be adapted to match your own personal style.  We have also seen zippers on jeggings, shoes and all over handbags. 

Mara Dress available at Hadley Emerson - $194

Tribal Skirt available at Hadley Emerson - $88

Long Zipper Skirt available at Hadley Emerson - $158

Wave Dress available at Hadley Emerson - $194

Eagle Eye Dress available at Hadley Emerson - $180

Yumi Kim Traci Top - $132

Tory Burch Virginia Dress - $350

Silence & Noise Y Back Tank - $32

Jack by BB Dakota American Beauty Rose Dress - $59.99

Plastic Island Body Con Skirt - $132

Tracy Reese Marine Bustier Strapless - $259

Thursday, July 15, 2010

All Bruised Up

I always swore by the rule that black and blue should never be worn together so as not to look like a bruise. Times have changed and for the better, now it is perfectly acceptable and a fashion MUST to pair black with blue whether it be royal, cobalt or navy.  The best dressed awards are now going out to the celebrities wearing these two complimentary colors so the mainstream is not far behind.  Be prepared to see a ton of black and blue combos this fall and winter.  You can also achieve this look by wearing black shoes with a blue dress or pairing gunmetal jewelry (which is also going to be a huge fall trend) with a blue top or dress.  Here are some of our picks for achieving the trend.

Jay Godfrey Asymmetric Dress - $345

Victoria's Secret Bandage Sweaterdress - $88

Available at Hadley Emerson: Skirt -$68, Necklace - $48, Earrings - $36

Available at Hadley Emerson: Dress - $98, Earrings - $42

Coming Soon to Hadley Emerson

Available at Hadley Emerson: Dress - $288, Earrings - $32


Coming Soon to Hadley Emerson

Coming Soon to Hadley Emerson

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Jort

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly trends can go in and out of fashion, particularly when it comes to denim.  One minute a certain style of denim will be all the rage, and the next minute it will be so last decade.  But don't hurry to throw away those pieces because they will always come back.  I had one such experience as a freshman in high school that will forever be burned in my memory.  The year was 1996 and I had been reading up on upcoming trends, one of which was the jean jacket which had been out of favor since the late 80s.  I, of course, wanted to be groundbreaking and purchased myself a stylin' new jean jacket.  I very strategically planned its debut and rolled into school with a little swagger in my step that day.  As I was sitting at the lunch table in a packed cafeteria, I heard my name yelled by one of the guys in my class.  He remarked "the eighties called and they want their jacket back" and the cafeteria erupted in laughter.  I was mortified and banished the jacket to the back of the closet.  Fast forward two months and suddenly other girls are sporting denim jackets around school.  Either I had sparked a trend or was just at the forefront.  The moral of the story is to not be afraid to be the leader of the pack even if it means getting called out at the lunch table. 

Eighties denim is back in a big way, especially the jean short or jort as they are affectionately called.  These shorts come in many shapes, styles and washes so find the pair that best flatters your figure.  Here are some of my favorites this season. 

See something Hadley Emerson that you like but don't live in the Chapel Hill area?  Feel free to give us a call at (919) 537-8264 and we can arrange a shipment! 

J Brand Mako Cuffed Short - $158

J.Crew Bermuda Short - $59.50

Easy Money Jackpot Short - $68

AG Pixie Roll Up Short - $186

AE Boy Fit in Dark Denim - $34.95

Denim Boyfriend Short available at Hadley Emerson - $56

Denim Jacket available at Hadley Emerson (a throwback to my 1996 wardrobe staple) - $80

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Going Solo

We are all about asymmetric one-shoulder fashion right now.  We think a single shoulder is better than two because it is a great way to show off those sculpted deltoids without showing too much skin.  One shoulder is a great alternative to strapless for those who need a little more support than a strapless bra can  provide.  Try taking your strapless bra and use an attachable strap across the one shoulder. 

So how do you wear a one-shoulder dress so that you look like a greek goddess without feeling like you're wearing a toga?  If the dress is not already fitted then add a belt to cinch your waistline.  In general, stay away from wearing a necklace unless the dress is plain, but a great pair of earrings can complement the look adding just the right amount of flair.  One shoulder flowy tops are best paired with skinny tailored pants or short shorts.  This trend will be sure to make you look classy and feel sexy.  

One Shoulder Gold Detail Dress available at Hadley Emerson - $352

Theory "Vivien" Ikat Dot Dress - $315

Ella Moss One Shoulder with Ruffle Top - $48.99

Classic Black One Shoulder Dress available at Hadley Emerson - $98

La La Love Dress in Midnight Teal - $34

One Shoulder Purple Top available at Hadley Emerson - $78

T Bags One Shoulder - $151.20

Phoebe Side Drape One Shoulder Jersey Dress - $288
One Shoulder Romper available at Hadley Emerson - $188