Friday, May 21, 2010

In a Cinch!

While a belt’s main purpose used to be to hold one’s trousers up, over the past few years they have become more of an accessory rather than a necessity, sported over dresses to accentuate curves. Less fitted, billowy frocks are all the craze today and a cinch in the middle flaunts a more feminine shape, creating an instant hourglass effect. Depending on preference and fit of the dress, a belt can be placed just below the bust, at the natural waist, or slung low around the hips. Thick belts create the most dramatic, waist-narrowing looks, while thin belts are a lovely compliment to a simple, feminine dress. Whether it be thick or thin, consider your body’s proportions - a thick belt may overwhelm a petite frame, while a thin belt could add weight to a fuller figure. If you decide on an elaborate belt, let it take center stage and keep all other accessories to a minimum.

Elise M. Belt Available in Black or Brown at Hadley Emerson - $42

BP. Braided Leather Stretch Belt-$18

Elise M. Belt Available at Hadley Emerson- $62

J. Crew Distressed Leather Belt - $48

BDG Stretch Metal Closure Belt- $24

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