Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Back to My Roots

I believe everyone who grew up in Maine has a soft spot for L.L.Bean or "Beans" as we affectionately call it.  We are proud to proclaim that the Freeport store is open 24 hours and doesn't have locks on the doors.  I caught my retail bug while interning at Freeport Studio (the short-lived women's career line) one summer in high school.  Unfortunately, despite my desire to be loyal to our hometown hero, I haven't shopped at Beans for fashionable clothing since oversized plaid flannel shirts and moccasins fell out of favor in the early 90s.  As someone who considers herself pretty fashionable, I wonder did I really wear that?  I am happy to report that I will once again shop at Beans for more than just Bean Boots.  They recently launched the new "Signature" line of casual wear that is just what was needed to lure back in the younger, preppier customer.  The Signature line is a little more J.Crew and a little less tree hugger.  I have seen the ads all over fashion magazines in recent months and I truly hope the fits are on point because I think the line is a move in the right direction. 

Belted Twill Jacket - $99

Striped Sailor Tunic - $65

Chambray Shirt Dress - $79

Rebecca Fabric Wedge - $99

I think the Men's line may have even more potential than the Women's.  And, for the fashion conscious men in our lives (i.e. my husband), the fits are much slimmer than the Beans standard. 

Gingham Poplin Dress Shirt - $59

Canvas Cloth Pant - $59

Washed Oxford Cloth - $49


  1. Very nice! Way to go Beans!!!


    Ps. Jen I want to come visit, Im working on it I swear!

  2. love it! i love their madras shirt dress in "vintage rose" too, but its sold out in all the smaller sizes.. =(

  3. I read an article about this last week! p.s. I am pretty sure I have same heinous pics of us in matching flannel from way back!

  4. Glad you like the line. Fran and company say Hi.

    Chris, VP Signature