Thursday, April 15, 2010

White Out

I am a girl who likes to follow the rules.  I generally only wear white between Memorial Day and Labor Day but times are changing and this rule seems to be fading.  I think it is definitely appropriate to bring out your white jeans and bright whites a little earlier this year.  In fact, I am wearing my white denim today and I am feeling pretty rebellious.  However, I would let your white shoes hibernate a little longer unless you are 80 and live in Florida.  Here are some of the whites I am considering adding to my wardrobe.

Citizens of Humanity Skinny Jeans- $150

J.Crew Belted Beach Tunic- $68

Mystique Sandal- $115

B. Makowsky Leather Satchel- $258

Fumblin Foe at Hadley Emerson- $88

Aryn K at Hadley Emerson- $88

Ann Taylor Loft Studded Leather Clutch- $98


  1. Love the last bag! so cute!


  2. When do you think white bags are appropriate?

  3. I think you can definitely break out your white bag now especially if it is leather. Trends are showing white bags all year round so you certainly would not be jumping the gun to show yours off. If it is more of a cotton or linen you may want to wait until mid to late May.