Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Sweater Dress

Sweaterdresses are another great way to mix up your wardrobe this winter.  They come in many styles and colors (v-neck, turtleneck, cowlneck, long sleeve, short sleeve, ribbed, belted, etc.).  I highly recommend wearing a sweaterdress in a solid color with patterned tights and boots or alternatively pair with leggings and an embellished flat.  Choose an offsetting tone for the tights/leggings and shoes.  For a more flattering fit try adding a thick belt.  Avoid chunky knits and boxy styles unless you are stick thin.  I found the following great looking sweaterdresses online.  Happy shopping!   
Kensie Soft Cotton Sweaterdress - $58

Victoria's Secret Deep Cowlneck Sweaterdress - $59

DKNY Lurex Cowl Sweater Dress at Piperlime - $75

Victoria's Secret Cotton Rib Turtleneck Sweater Dress - $39

Tahari Sweater Dress - $148

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