Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fall Fashion on a Shoestring

Nordstrom just released their Fall's Top Trends but when I started looking through their pieces I quickly realized that it would take $1,000+ to update my closet.  So, I challenged myself with the task of finding a way to re-create the wardrobe for less than $350 total.  You can let me know how I did.  

Boyfriend Blazer - Aqua Boyfriend Blazer at Bloomingdale's $88 

Leggings - Charlotte Russe Buttoned Seamless Leggings $12.99 

Pencil Skirt - New York & Company City Stretch Pencil Skirt $32.95

Sheath Dress - AnnTaylor LOFT Printed Shift Dress $79.50 

Pretty Blouse - ALLOY White Ruched Satin Blouse $28.90 or Newport News Purple Rayon Georgette Blouse $29.00

Long Cardigan - Pink Rose Long Cardigan Sweater at Macy's $38.00

Studs & Chains - Gap Skinny Studded Belt $19.50 and Forever 21 Chain $7.80

All-Season Sandals - Nine West Ellis Sandals $39.99

Think of the possibilities.......

1. Blazer + Leggings + Shoes + Necklace = Night on the Town
2. Dress + Belt + Shoes = Day to Evening 
3. Skirt + Blouse + Shoes = Work Appropriate
4. Leggings + Cardigan + Flats = Lunch with Friends 


  1. Looks good Had,
    heres a blazer that I was looking at online last night, It will save you that 8 dollars...

  2. Ps. I think I need a job to be able to wear all of these things...maybe when I'm the manager at the Sea Grill

  3. Virginia has her sights set high... Just a little man named Drew stands in her way.

    More importantly, Had, I don't know how you do it? I am coming to Durham and we're going shopping. Perhaps all online, but I will order in the take out if you can help me give my wardrobe a boost. I love your selections!

  4. Awesome selection.!! Everything is looking pretty fabulous. That pencil skirt and printed shift dress is my favorite.