Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sometimes Fashion Finds Me

Last week while sorting through the mail, I came across a catalog I had never seen before.  The UK company called "Boden" is trying to break into the US fashion scene with a mail order catalog.  The style is J.Crew meets Nanette Lepore at prices that will leave you wanting more.  Sign up to get a catalog and get a coupon for 15% off plus Free Shipping and Free Returns!  Regularly shipping is a flat $10 per order which isn't too bad coming from the UK.  Check out the sale section too, there are some great finds.  Here are some of my favorite pieces from the website 

Still not quite sure how I made it on the mailing list......I guess my shopping habits have gone international.  


  1. Cute! My own fashion story... I was at Nordstrom Rack yesterday, braving the messy racks in search of a last minute find to wear to a wedding this upcoming weekend. A pretty pattern caught my eye, but with a short glance I second guessed the look and continued on...only to come out empty handed. I then headed to Bloomingdales, putting my hopes of finding a bargin behind me... While thumbing through a rack of gorgeous Nanette Lepore dresses what do I see? That SAME patterned dress that I passed over at Nordstrom Rack! I could only kick myself! I was so disappointed that I didn't go with my instinct and pull the dress off for a better look. I think that is my problem with bargin shops sometimes - I give up too soon. You need to go with energy! On the agenda today? Getting back to Nordstrom Rack if I can before it closes!

  2. C-line, I feel your pain. You have to trust your gut (plus if your gut is wrong you can always return it). I have seen the same thing happening a lot these days. Designers have too much product and stores have significantly cut inventory so this season's items are ending up in places like Nordstrom Rack and TJMaxx.