Monday, August 24, 2009

Why I love August....

I have always loved the month of August.  I love the hot summer nights, BBQs, weddings, the excitement of living in a college town with students headed back to school, and most importantly, I LOVE AUGUST SALES!  Stores always put merchandise on sale in August to make room for the Fall collections.  I am generally not psyched about buying at the end of seasons because I suffer from instant gratification syndrome and like to be able to wear my items right away.  But, I do love buying at August sales because you can find great deals and still have weeks and sometimes months to wear the stuff.  

For instance, Neiman Marcus is having a huge sale right now and there are some phenomenal deals to be devoured.  Plus, if you order online and use the code "NMAUG" you can get free shipping.  Amazing! 

Here is what I am craving......

Tory Burch Meryl Dress $114 - Wear this dress all year round.  In the Fall, cover with a blouse and v-neck cardigan and wear to work.  Add tights, over-the-knee boots, and fun jacket for a winter girls' night out.  

Milly Jacquard Skirt $88 - You could easily add brown tights and this skirt will take you through the holidays.  

Marc Bouwer Glamit! Petal Top $82 - Pair with the right accessories and a silk top can be worn all year round. 


  1. Had! Do you know where I can find that Yellow Tory Burch dress? I am looking online and I think it's all out... I need a yellow dress for a wedding in October and that would be PERFECT... Let me know!

  2. I am sorry that one sold out. Does it have to be yellow?

  3. I'm trying to buy one for the above commenter - any advice where to go?


  4. has to be yellow. I am in a wedding and the bride wants us all to wear yellow dresses - they don't need to be the same. Let me know if you have any suggestions. My range is about $100. Unless big daddy MJ wants to cough up the dough...:)

  5. Cline and MJ -

    There is a great yellow dress on the Newport News website, it is $49....can't beat that! It is called the Surplice dress and I think it would be very flattering. There is also a twist-front strapless dress in yellow for $24!! October can be tough for the color yellow so I would go with something not cotton so as not to look too summery. I will see what else I can dig up.