Sunday, August 9, 2009

Gap's Denim Revival

While interning at Gap in San Francisco last summer, I was fully informed of the store's effort to re-gain denim customers after losing significant market share to the newer premium denim brands.  Having not bought Gap jeans since approximately 2001 when the Long & Lean style was first introduced, I was very skeptical as to whether they could really compete in today's $200+ denim marketplace.  

So, the other day I ventured to the mall to try out Gap's new line of denim and needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised.  The "Sexy Boot" style fits exactly like my old pair of Paige Premium "Hollywood Hills."  The sales clerk also said she has been told that the "Always Skinny" are similar to True Religion, but I have not tested that theory.  At less than a third of the price ($59.50), the Gap jeans are a steal.  Hopefully, this pair holds up longer than the Paige edition which were retired after a night of break dancing busted a hole you know where.      

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