Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Spoiler Alert - Spring Trends

Two weeks ago I attended the Coterie market in NYC to place my orders for Spring. It was an overwhelming experience with over 10,000 designer booths to peruse. I found so many wonderful pieces and can hardly wait for the store opening in March.

To get you through the cold winter, I thought I would share some of Spring's most prolific trends. All of the items below will be sold in the store!

Rompers, rompers, rompers.........they were everywhere! I have to admit I was not one of the first adopters of the romper but seeing as the trend has now lasted 3 seasons, I am now convinced they are here to stay. I believe the trick with rompers is finding the styles that hang more like dresses. In this first round of buying, I stuck with the more classic silhouettes and colors. I think you should try one, you might be surprised!

Exposed zippers were also a huge theme at Coterie. Again, I tend to like the more classic versions. This motorcycle jacket was one of my absolute favorites, I think every woman should have one.

You may think this is a little too 80s but paired with the right pieces, I think it can be adorably sophisticated! I would add a navy blouse or tank to tone down the skirt.

Look forward to flooding your wardrobe with bright colors like cobalt, aqua, yellow and coral.

Hopefully this is enough to get you excited! More to come....


  1. I will be at the store opening, not only to cheer you on!!!, but also to buy that incredibly adorable navy and yellow dress - I love it!

  2. Or maybe it's black an yellow...either way!