Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Perfect Trench

Lately rain has been following me everywhere.  The dampness coupled with colder temperatures has me rifling through my coat closet to find one of my beloved trench coats to help keep me dry.  A fitted trench is one of the best investments a woman can make.  I can promise you it will never go out of style (proof - Burberry has been selling them since the late 1800s).  To maximize your trench's longevity, I recommend choosing double-breasted with a belted waist in a classic tan, black or navy.

Old Navy Women's Belted Trench - $49.50

Dillard's London Fog Trench - $99

Land's End SunShower Trench - $89.50

J. Crew Icon Trench - $298

Banana Republic Classic Trench - $198

Talbots Trench - $189 (comes in tan and black)

Of course, if you feel like splurging there is nothing like the original.  Unlike putting your savings in the stock market, I will guarantee a positive return on this investment.

Burberry Ivybridge - $995

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  1. ooh i love these. we just studied burberry in my brand management class & they are totally fascinating!